Adapting to an evolving technology landscape while meeting business requirements

Our cloud service enables organizations to promptly develop & deploy regular and on-demand IT services. This technology improves operational efficiency by reducing the functional cost, offering on-demand scale and simplifying the deployment process.


  • On-demand, performance driven SaaS architecture design and deployment.
  • Secured Testing & Development environment.
  • Flexible framework for custom-designed solutions.


  • Initial collaborative probing: Acquiring information about the client & their core business helps determine the scope, requirements, decide a roadmap & establish milestones
  • Resourceful precis : Wireframes give an initial idea about the layout of the web page or mobile application. Placeholder for describing the expected value of an input field such as content is formed with the help of wireframes. This confirms about constituents on the web page
  • Content juggling : Content comes first before design. Compiling & crafting content for the web page requires precision. The viewer, brevity and purpose of the content should be considered before firming up the content
  • Design :We commence our design step by focusing on the brand. The design has to be consistent with a clients brand message

Steps in Designing

  • Documenting Style Tiles : We initiate the design process with firming-up style tiles. Style tiles are design deliverables consisting of graphic elements consisting of topography, color schemes, UI components that exemplifies the look & feel of the web page that resonates with the brand voice
  • Compiling Mock-ups of Web Pages : After finalizing the style tiles, designers create the mock-ups to gather responses from clients about the design & design ideas. Mock-ups are preliminary prototypes that offer an idea about the operability, usability and understanding about the design
  • Responsive Web Design : We create responsive web designs that lets a consumer access websites that are compatible with a spectrum of screen-sizes and resolutions
  • The Prototypes : Designers create prototypes after initial mock-up confirmation or along with wireframes. This is helpful in testing the proof-of-concept in complex application development.
  • Development : With the final prototype, the development teams start coding HTML and CSS codes for each element of the web page. Each iteration helps developer to create new features and functionalities.
  • Database creation : The web application stores the information entered in the front-end in a database that is created on the same server from where the website is calling information. We use PHP and Python languages to communicate between web application and server to make changes in the database.
  • Assuring Quality : Our quality assurance extends beyond functionality testing and includes suggested improvements. We use manual debugging, automated testing and user interface testing. Additionally, we also perform browser testing and multi-device testing.

There are multiple benefits of using cloud applications such as flexibility to scale-up operations, auto-updates in the software, increased operational control over applications, a secure functional environment and a reduction in capital expenditure.


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