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Businesses, today, have customers can accessing various business applications from multiple devices. Device disparity is always a problem. Creating native applications for every kind of device & platforms can be a resourcing consuming task. The need is to develop a single-source code application into the native-installable application for each platform.

Develop your applications compatible with multiple mobile device & platforms

PhoneGap – This technology enables mobile application development with a single code base using HTML, CSS3 & Javascript and is installed in native mobile application in various mobile device platforms. This free & open source framework uses standard web APIs for the mobile platform.

Handy PhoneGap

The PhoneGap API allows developers a layered interface on which to develop codes in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. The PhoneGap changes it into the native codes for the relative operating system. PhoneGap based applications are hybrid applications as neither are these fully HTML/JavaScript based nor are they native. Application parts such as the UI, the application logic and communication with a server is HTML/JavaScript based.

The communication & control part of the device is developed in the native language of the platform. PhoneGap bridges gap between JavaScript and native language of the platform that enables the JavaScript APIs to access & manage the device and its multiple features such as camera, GPS, contacts, notifications, storage etc.

PhoneGap Architecture

The PhoneGap architecture is a JavaScript library that lets HTML/JavaScript applications to access device features. The native component of the PhoneGap framework operates at the back-end to work on the device.

The two parts of PhoneGap based application

  • The JavaScript based business logic part that operates the UI & its operability
  • The JavaScript part that accesses & manages the device

PhoneGap Benefits

  • Flexible cross-platform architecture suits myriad platforms & devices such as iOS, Android, Windows, Amazon fire OS, Blackberry and Ubuntu
  • Standard APIs supports almost all the mobile device functions
  • Assorted development tools such as embedded web view and plug-in interface are available within the framework
  • Assorted development tools such as embedded web view and plug-in interface are available within the framework
  • Open-source framework maintained by community support
  • Engaging large audience in a cost effective manner

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